Daily Living Aids

We stock a wide range of daily living aids, each with a purpose to suit certain individuals. These aids are designed to give people the independence they need for everyday tasks in their own home.

Dressing and Comfort


Button Hooker  

Bra Angel               

 Long Handled Brush/ Comb   

Handy Reacher  26"/32"

Elastic shoe Laces              

Long Handled Shoe Horn           

 Leg Lifter            

Sock Aid                                               

Tights Aid                                 

Compression Stocking Aid

Dressing Stick

Eating and Drinking



Disposable/ Washable Bibs      

Spouted Cups

One Way Straws

Nose Cut Out Cup                           

Two Handled Mug With Spout

Scoop Plate                                                

Plate Guard

Left and Right Handled Cutlery                 

Weighted Cutlery    

Knork Fork                         

Spreader Boards

Jar/Bottle Openers                                  

Kettle Tipper           

Dycem Non Slip Mats